Business Aviation 

Is it right for Your Business? They think so.

95% of Fortune 100 “Best Places to Work” ARE Business Aircraft users.

S&P 500 companies utilizing Business Aviation out perform those that don’t by 70%

55% of companies utilizing Business Aviation have fewer than 500 employees.

HUB and SPOKE? Imagine your business as the HUB and utilizing the 5000 business aviation airports.

Boost key employees Productvity and Connectivity.

Secure an environment for employees to discuss and protect Proprietary information.

Business Aviation makes your business more competitive, flexible, and  successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

OmahaJets can help with your business aviation needs.

  • Aircraft Management
  • Pilot Services
  • Aircraft Sales Aquistions
  • Leasing
  • Aviation Consulting

About the Pilot

Brian Timm

OmahaJets was founded by Brian Timm who started flying at an early age. He earned his Flight Instructor ratings and Airline Transport Pilot license at the age of 23.  Brian has been flying for 18 years accumulating 8000 flight hours in multiple aircraft and his experience includes both domestic and international travel. He is currently type rated in the Cessna Citation 500, 525, 550, and 560 models. He also has attended multiple manufacturers training programs on most turbo prop aircraft.  When Brian is back on the ground he enjoys family life, watching the kids sporting events, golf and fishing.